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Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 By Virgil Abloh

Luxury Air.

Virgil Abloh's vision to marry streetwear and high fashion was accomplished in his time in fashion. As the founder of Pyrex Vision turned OFF-WHITE reached the heights of Louis Vuitton. Back in January, 200 pairs of his monogram, Damier printed LV x AF1s were placed on the auction block benefitting Abloh's "Post Modern" Scholarship Fund. The result was $25,326,900 generated. The anticipated retail release of the LV x AF1s is still set to take place, but with a new series of colorways in the works; nine to be exact. The release is expected to take place in June. Releasing in both Low and Mid iterations, each will carry a price tag of €2000 ($2609 USD) for the Lows and €2,500 ($2609 USD) for the Mids. Exclusive access will be provided to Louis Vuitton "community members."

Additionally, Louis Vuitton will open an interactive and immersive exhibit in New York City, showcasing all 47 pairs of AF1s designed by Abloh. The exhibit will be open between May 20-31.

images via Louis Vuitton

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