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Initially launched in 2011, Sole-U is a brand and website focused on the cultural elements of
men's and women's streetwear, fashion and sneaker culture. Dedicated to delivering perspective
and dynamic editorial content, it is our sole and common focus to donate our time, passion, energy,
love and personal imprint on the culture we live, breathe and serve.

Our core values are as follows:


  1. Learn: So we may be best create content rooted in fact and not hyperbole

  2. Educate: So we may teach our audience with the factual information learned

  3. Insight: So we may provide knowledge based on news seen in today's culture

  4. Perspective: So we may stand on our own principles and provide our audience with critical thinking points


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Interested in collaborating?

Sole-U is open to collaboration with content creators, influencers, events and brands.
Our mission is to further the cultural footprint via authentic and organic partnerships and
subsequent content for our audience and yours. 

To learn more about our advertising and partnership program, please email us at the address below.

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Join our team!

Sole-U's original mantra of "sneaker life, college life" was the driving force of the brand; to bridge the gap between the scholastic rigors of the everyday sneakerhead. With time, the heart of the brand has not left us and will continue to be a home for upstart journalists interested in the fashion, footwear and cultural industry seeking professional experience.

Presently, our internship program is closed. Please check back later. For general inquiries, please email us at the address below.

Email us:

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