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Fear of God Athletics Announces Collection Unveiling

Coming in April.

It was late last year, December to be exact when Fear of God Athletics issued a statement on adidas Basketball's "Remember The Why" campaign and collection which raised eyebrows as it carried an aesthetic close to that of Jerry Lorenzo's Fear of God imprint but also peeled back the curtain on what has been at the time a two-year odyssey.

It was December 22nd, 2020 when adidas formally revealed its partnership with Lorenzo, and since then much speculation, anticipation – often restlessness and sheer curfuffle has surrounded the partnership. But Fear of God Athletics promised the first offering of its adidas powered collection to come "in the first half of 2023". Well, it would appear that with their latest social posting that we are trending toward that trajectory.

The collection, or at least part of it, is set to be unveiled on April 19th, at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. What might we see? If the teaser is any indicator, expect to see a barrage of neutral palettes and hues.

Are you still invested in the adidas x Fear of God Athletics project?


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