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This VaporMax Plus Celebrates 50 Years of the Swoosh

Since 1972.

As the story goes, before Nike was Nike and the Swoosh was the iconic logo of the Beaverton, Oregon conglomerate; it was Blue Ribbon Sports. Back when Phil Knight was (legally) trapping out of the back of a Volkswagen Bus, the empire came from humble small town beginnings. What has withstood the test of time; produced some of the world's most iconic designs in footwear, launched memorable campaigns and endorsed the world's greatest athletes is that of the Swoosh. As we have come to know as Nike a/k/a the Greek goddess of victory.

For what has seemed like some time now, the Nike VaporMax certainly has some miles on its proverbial tires and celebrates five decades of the Swoosh with a fun motif. Mirroring the 'Unholy Cumulus' or 'Poppy' Air Presto is this VaporMax Plus with its white base and minty cage and darker green midsole and Air unit. But the homage is inside; on the insole with Nike Since 1972 printed with fun-loving stars accompanying the typeface.

No exact word on a release date. For now scroll through the official images.

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