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The Air Max 97 Borrows From Past Air Maxes For New Look

An exercise in Nike DNA

For a quarter-century, the Nike Air Max 97 has captivated the hearts and minds of many sneakerheads across the globe. Christian Tresser's design and most beloved color scheme is sourced from mountain bikes, as well as a drop of water, causing a rippling wavy effect within a pond. But of course, the Japanese bullet train – providing the inspiration for the legendary 'Silver Bullet' colorway. Working in concert together, the Air Max 97 is as revolutionary as it is sleek, thanks also to it being the first model with a full length Air bag. This new color scheme of the model takes from past Nike Air Max looks (perhaps intentionally). With the body of the 'Silver Bullet', to the Chlorine palette of the 'Marina' colorway nestled in the Air bubble and Swooshes found about the silhouette. As you can expect, the Air Max 97 will be poised for a big year as the 25th anniversary lineup begins to take shape. Is this DNA blended AM97 for you?

Nike Air Max 97

Metallic Silver/Chlorine Blue DM0028-001 (Mens) DQ9131-001 (Womens) xx. xx. 22.

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