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Patta x Mizuno Turn Back The Clock to the 90s

The 1990s is perhaps the most influential era in fashion and pop culture and as we find history repeating itself in the form of fashion, Patta x Mizuno take aim at reversing the hands of time. Always known for their clean motifs and projects, Patta collaborates on the Mizuno Sky Medal. Originally debuted during the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics, the runner made its initial release to market in 1994.

From its low profile to the bold Mizuno logo that rests along the lateral and medial quarters, the third installment in the collaboration includes a clean Ivory perforated base and matching midsole/outsole, and bold green overlay that spans and cuts and contours the entire length of the upper. Seamlessly blending sport and lifestyle, this sportstyle launch is slated to drop April 1st at Patta, with additional retailers to follow in a subsequent drop on April 15th.

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