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Nike Cuts Packaging In Half With New Move To Zero Pillar

Nike's continued mission to be environmentally friendly and conscious carries on in a way you may not have anticipated. You know when you receive your online order and the exercise of opening the shipping box and then the shoe box begins ... well, Nike is taking the double box and throwing it out the window (not literally – that would be littering. Littering is bad for the planet ♻️)

Utilizing "One Box", there is a 51% percent reduction in waste from a single order. Think about that. Extrapolate that when you think of a sizable general release. The box is very discreet; plain and unassuming – most will appreciate this after the JUST DO IT. branding seemingly made orders a target for theft and received backlash from customers. It also eliminates the need for tape, as there is a primary adhesive strip and secondary for returns. Additionally, the graphics will not smudge to the touch.

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