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Nike Announces Air Max Day Drops


Air Max Day is one of the you circle on your calendar each year, and since Nike made March 26th an emphasis, we've seen some memorable Air Max Day drops and moments. And if there was any doubt that this is a worldwide affair, Nike has three globetrotting Air Max 1 drops in the works. As announced on SNKRS, the 'Blueprint' AM1 will release exclusively in North America. 'La Ville Lumière' will launch only in the European market and the premium 'Wabi-Sabi' will release only in the Asia Pacific and Latin America regions. Three colorways, four regions, three exclusive launches. Each with their own unique characteristics; be it the architecture look for the North America exclusive; which may act as a callback to Tinker Hatfield's background in the discipline and the model being the blueprint by which all Air Maxes have followed. To the white and sail, UV-changing based 'La Ville Lumière' European exclusive that translates promptly to "the city of lights" aka, Paris France – and the 'Wabi-Sabi' theme of imperfection; personified with the aged look of the Asia and Latin America exclusive. Which Air Max 1 catches your eye, will you be looking to complete the set?

Nike Air Max 1 "Blueprint" (North America exclusive)


3. 26. 22.

Nike Air Max 1 "La Ville Lumière" (Europe exclusive)

White/Neutral Grey-Metallic Silver-Black


3. 26. 22.

Nike Air Max 1 "Wabi-Sabi" (Asia & Latin America exclusive)


3. 26. 22.

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