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Nike Air Max Scorpion 'Phantom'

The retail market is still a couple months away from the [expected] initial sting of the Nike Air Max Scorpion, the Swoosh's newest frontier in the journey for maximum Air – and as the surfacing of official imagery tells us ... release is imminent. Already the silhouette has been seen in a sleek black offering officially and now in a 'Phantom' based color scheme.

While this particular color scheme was the first to surface when news began to circulate about the upcoming Air Max model, seeing it in its official glory is certainly a sight to behold. From its clean neutral palette to the translucent heavily inflated midsole/outsole and dashed black Swoosh stamping the lateral and media quarters.

Which colorway of the AM Scorpion has dug its sting into you more, the Black or Phantom?

Nike Air Max Scorpion

Phantom/Black-Light Cream-Lemon Wash


xx. xx. 22.

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