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Joe Freshgoods Teases Vans Collaboration

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

When it comes to Joseph Robinson, better known to the world as Joe Freshgoods, there are two things you always have to respect ... no. 1, the hustle. Nobody in the industry has a hustle that matches the Chicago native, and no. 2, the aesthetics; because no matter the assignment ... he gets it every single time.

And this time ... this time, it's partnering with Vans. As part of the Vans Vault program, Joe teased three upcoming color schemes of his Vans Old Skool project. Seen below, he's sporting a deep pink motif with an alternating pink and white checkered pattern, which features "JFG" strategically placed within the pattern. One that is repeated across a red and tan color scheme as well. Each housed within a pink slide box, that honors both Vans and JFG, the side of the box reads, "Everything Happens For A Reason". No word on a street date yet, but this is another project we'll all have our eyes on as time moves forward.

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