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Hello Kitty x Nike Is Finally Happening

Nearly two decades in the making

Unholy Cumulus, Brutal Honey, Shady Milkman ... all sound familiar? They ought to. If you were around at the turn of the millennium, you witness the "T-shirt for your feet" aka the Nike Air Presto. Each of the colorways came with a corky nickname, thanks to Dylan Lee of Wieden+Kennedy. The 13 launch dropped simultaneously and proved to be lucky for the brand until the silhouette was squeezed out by the advent of Nike Free. Also coincidentally designed by Tobie Hatfield (awkward much??) So maybe it proved to be unlucky 13, especially considering Steven Smith's design for the Hello Kitty collaboration never reached full production. Five-hundred pairs were meant to release across four-five colorways featuring the lovable and iconic Hello Kitty logo repeating across the one-piece base layer of the Presto. Instead, the release, co-designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara ended up as a friends-and-family drop ... thus never truly seeing the intended light of day.

Since then, the release has gotten out sparingly; from a thrift store find to thousands of dollars on the resale market. And as rumor has it, the Prestos are finally on their way – what they'll look like upon launch, we don't know. Could be the original set, could be a whole new batch ... but something is coming soon, as evident by official imagery of a collaborated t-shirt.

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