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20 Years of Nike SB is Celebrated In This Sotheby's Auction

FLOM, Heineken, Paris – the gang's all here

When the late Sandy Boedecker introduced the Swoosh to what would become Nike SB, the road initially was met with hesitancy. Given that Nike attempted prior to and the reception within the skateboard community was not as the company had hoped. But Boedecker's vision for how Nike could seamlessly and organically operate within the culture proved most valuable. And he was correct. Now twenty years later, two decades of Nike Skateboarding is encapsulated in a new Sotheby's curated auction. Currently open is a Nike SB's head's dream, with a selection complete with the ultra-rare 'Paris' SB Dunk Low, 'FLOM' SB Dunk High with matching skate deck and signed box, 'Tiffany' Dunks, Supreme Dunks, 'What the Dunk', 'Freddy Krueger' and so, so, so much more. Pairs within the collection are estimated to fetch anywhere from $5,000 to an astronomical $750,000! Yes you read that correctly. SEVEN-HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND. The auction closes Monday, April 25th at 10 HKT (10 pm ET) on Sotheby's website. Lots will close individually and closure times are subject to close.

Which pair(s) would you love to have in your collection?


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