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Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog 'Kuwata'

Salehe Bembury and Crocs continue their courtship this month with a tenth Pollex Clog release. The project which began in 2021, is both equal parts personal as it is expressive – after all, the model does combine three of Bembury's fingerprints molded together and dramatized for multi-directional traction. But where there is that element of personality, the expressiveness comes from Bembury's creative direction. The next color scheme effectively known as 'Kuwata' is a soothing muted redish clay color palette, that wraps the molded shell. The colorway's look is deeply rooted into the literal translation of the name; which is a Japanese surname – written as 桑田, that translates to "Morus" and "Paddy Field". In the animated teaser posted on Bembury's Instagram (below), we find Salehe sketching his signature Crocs design in a tall grassy field where the rendered version of the Pollex Clog can be seen budding from the Morus alba tree gently swaying overhead in the breeze. Release is scheduled for October 22nd online at Salehe's brand webshop. Stick with Sole-U for further information as it relates to retailers.

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