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Reebok Question 'Mocha Toe'

The staple silhouette of the Reebok Iverson signature line without a doubt is the Reebok Question. Finding new takes and telling new stories on the silhouette, and this upcoming drop is no exception. Taking the leather base the model was founded on and coating it in a crisp Footwear White, the toe is a smooth nubuck mocha Brush Brown. Couple with a coffee semi-translucent non-marking outsole. Matching brown Vector logos, eyelets, heel "3" insignia and insole completes the look. Expect to see the 'Mocha Toe' Reebok Question at select Reebok retailers including online at Reebok on April 7th.

Reebok Question Mid "Mocha Toe"

Ftwr White/Ftwr White-Brush Brown

GX0241 4. 7. 22.


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