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Pensole Lewis College of Business and Design To Open in Detroit

Doors open March 2022

Tuesday – Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill into law which will reopen the state's first and only Historically Black College & University, Lewis College. The institution closed its doors in 2013 after being open for 85 years. With a focus on business, the university will once again house students and be a haven for creativity, business and eduction thanks in large part to Pensole Academy founder, D'Wayne Edwards.

The former designer and footwear director with Jordan Brand whose work spans decades and projects including the Air Jordan 21 and Air Jordan 22 opened Pensole in April 2011 in Portland, Oregon. Since opening the academy, the institution has been a vehicle for aspiring designers, many of which finding roles within the footwear industry post completion.

The newly minted Pensole Lewis College of Business and Design will specialize and offer programs in design, sustainability, business, STEM with the objective of serving African-American creatives across various industries. Learn more about Pensole Lewis by following the link.

image via Pensole


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