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Packer Shoes x Reebok Answer IV Takes Luxury Cues

Teaneck's finest

Packer Shoes is no stranger to collaborations, especially ones with Reebok and particularly on the Allen Iverson signature line. The Teaneck, New Jersey storefront famously worked on a duo of Reebok Question projects a decade ago. Here, in the present day ... Packer is collaborating on the once again returning Reebok Answer IV, but switching up the engineering on the early 2000s signature. Taking inferred cues from Prada and their Americas Cup silhouette, this Answer IV is comprised of a leather based and mesh underlay construction and color scheme that will ultimately raise an eyebrow. However, as Packer places it – inspiration is derived from Iverson's innate fashion sense, mirroring the '90s and '00s and heralding him as the icon that he is. Release is slated for Friday, January 21st to the tune of $180. Along with a t-shirt for purchase as well. Release info to follow.

Packer Shoes x Reebok Answer IV "Ultramarine"

1. 21. 22. $180


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