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Only 1 Pair of This AFEW x Asics Gel Lyte III Exists

Beauty of imperfection

AFEW is collaborating once again with Asics, this for a good cause – this 1-of-1 Gel Lyte III nicknamed, the "Beauty of Imperfection" is beauty personified. Gathering inspiration from Wabi-Sabi Philosophy; which speaks and alludes to beauty in imperfections and the value of the passage of time and the acceptance of transience. Complete with a tearaway upper, this GL III is the only one in existence. That's it, there is no more. Housed within a special packaging crafted by Herschel Heck. The release will only take place as a raffle and the winner will be drawn during an Instagram Live event. Multiple entries are acceptable, with proceeds of the raffle tickets purchased benefiting the Friends of the Children's and Youth Hospice of Düsseldorf. The Regenbogenland Children's and Youth Hospice operates solely on donations of others.

Tickets to the Instagram Live event open on February 14th at 7:30 pm CET (1:30 pm ET). All for a good cause indeed.

via AFEW

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