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OFF-WHITE Wins Red Zip Tie Claim


OFF-WHITE was officially awarded a win in the brand's claim for its now (legally) patented zip tie. Since its utilization beginning in 2016, the zip tie has become an integral part of the OFF-WHITE product experience. As one of the staple elements alongside the usage of quotations, the copyright and trademark symbols and the aligned left text descriptors; the red zip tie was officially granted a patent with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

The process began in 2018 with the first application for the accessory, and met several roadblocks along the journey. Now designated as registration no. 6,681,777; serial number 88-041,456 with the USPTO, its description is as follows (in-part): three-dimensional configuration of a zip tie with a substantially rectangular end, all in the color red as used on footwear. This also marks another win for additional OFF-WHITE staple elements with the USPTO. With the red zip tie now legally OFF-WHITE's, thought turns to protections of across variations of the zip tie in color. OFF-WHITE explored what you could do with the zip tie back in 2017, as seen below.

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