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MJ's Air Jordan 10 Cleat PE Is On The Market

From the GOAT's baseball days ⚾️

When Michael Jordan retired in 1993 from professional basketball and opted to pursue a career in professional baseball, the immediate question was "why?", and once the initial shock wore off and the world realized the GOAT was trading in slam dunks for stolen bases, the pursuit was in full swing. As described by Jerry Reinsdorf in The Last Dance, the sheer volume of media attention caused the White Sox organization to begin MJ at the Double-A minor league level with the Birmingham Barons.

But along MJ's journey, was a stop in Arizona with the Scottsdale Scorpions, where while Nike was unsure of his status in basketball, began to outfit Jordan with cleated variations of his signatures. One pair of MJ's size 13 Air Jordan 10 Cleat PEs was put up for auction in 2020 in conjunction with Stadium Goods, but either a second pair (or the same pair) has made its way to Index Portland and can be had for a smooth $10,000.

Would you drop the cash for this piece of history?


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