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Jayson Tatum Shines in Jordan Tatum 1 Debut

All-Star MVP for the newest Jordan Brand signature athlete

All-Star Sunday, February 19th, 2023 will remain a historic day for Boston Celtics star, Jayson Tatum. At 24 years old, he became the youngest 4-time All-Star in the storied history of the 17-time World Champion Celtics history, he netted an All-Star Game record of 55 points (breaking Anthony Davis's record of 52) and did so all while debuting his first signature model with Jordan Brand, the Jordan Tatum 1.

Since making the jump across campus from Nike to Jordan in 2019, Tatum's star has increasingly shined brighter with each passing season. Last year, he led the Celtics to their first trip to the NBA Finals since the 2009-10 campaign, and has increased his production this subsequent season.

The premiere signature silhouette for Tatum takes inspiration from his home of St. Louis, and aesthetically from his need to have a shoe that feels seamlessly connected to his foot. Connection is not just a hyperbolic buzzword for Tatum and Jordan Brand but it is a continued theme throughout the entire ethos.

"I want people to feel like they can connect to me," – Jayson Tatum

Built with a TPU caged frame, the Tatum 1's upper is reinforced allowing for excess material to be striped away in the construction of the model but also conversely utilizes an uncaged, cut through Zoom Airbag in the forefoot. Additionally, as a young father himself, the Tatum 1 also has a focus on the kids' design.

"I remember being a kid, walking into the store, and looking for the signature shoes of my favorite players. The moment I saw the shoe or put the shoe on, I felt like I was in sync and closer to them in a way. So, I want this shoe to be a bridge between my fans and me to bring us closer together."

The kids' version features a TPU tailgate system to help with easy entry and also removes the Zoom bag for a more comfortable feeling. And to the previous note about connectivity – each colorway features a theme from a previous Tatum x Air Jordan player exclusive, from the 'Zoo' to the 'Barbershop', 'St. Louis' and 'Pink Lemonade'. The Jordan Tatum 1 launches in full family sizing on April 7th.

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