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Air Jordan 1 High Retro 'Lost & Found' Official Images


Just imagine ... it's the present day ... you stumble upon a Nike Air box clouded in dust and what you unearth inside is an original 1985-86 Air Jordan 1 in a white, black and Varsity Red motif. The leather that was once pristine is now a crackled symphony, aged beautifully – naturally, gracefully; from the black collar to the white base layer. The midsole, oxidized – kissed by the sun yellowed and turned into a shell off-white color. All with an original invoice from a local mom and pop shop of the mid '80s. That is the ethos of the 2022 iteration of the 'Chicago' Air Jordan 1 Retro High; timelessness. The rendition takes the "aging" craze that has been seen across various silhouettes in custom form and implements it for themselves and takes the process a step further. It also serves as a callback to Jordan Brand's push for remastering and authenticity as seen with the OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 2 Retro and re-creating the crackled midsole from an actual OG Air Jordan 2. The release will drop just before Thanksgiving and will release in a full family size run on November 19th. See the official release info and price points and images after the jump below.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Lost & Found" (Chicago)

Varsity Red/Black-Sail-Muslin

DZ5485-612 11. 19. 22. $180

Grade School FD1437-612

$140 Pre School FD1412-612 $85



$70 Infant



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