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Nike ZoomX StreakFly is Prime For Short Distances

For 5K/10K usage

Nike has continually pushed the boundaries of running. After all, the company's origin as Blue Ribbon Sports is rooted in track, thanks largely in-part to co-founder, Bill Bowerman. After the BREAKING2 campaign where the Swoosh successfully aimed to design a silhouette capable of allowing runners the necessary support to run a marathon in under two hours – the company reins it all the way in and has designed a model for 5K/10K runners. For those unaware of the math, a 5K is 3.1 miles and subsequently a 10K is 6.2 miles; relatively short distances for experienced runners. Falling with in the ZoomX line – the StreakFly varies from its predecessors in the VaporFly and AlphaFly. And thanks to an Engineered Mesh upper, the silhouette is one of the Swoosh's lightest – 185 grams (men's size 10) and 155 grams (women's size 8) for reference. The ZoomX StreakFly will release its initial offering in February to the tune of $160.

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