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Reebok Changes The Kamikaze Name

"We have a responsibility to be accountable, learn and grow as a brand, and although we can’t change the past we can most definitely impact change for our future. " – Portia Blunt, Reebok VP of Global Apparel

Reebok is changing the name of a beloved basketball signature. Shawn Kemp's signature line began in 1994 and spawned a sequel in 1995 under the name 'Kamikaze'. The second has seen multiple re-releases since its original run during the last decade and pivotal collaborations; namely with Packer Shoes. In an effort to be more accountable, the brand is changing the name to the 'Hurrikaze'. A clear play on hurricane (which is technically a typhoon, in the Pacific) and the original name, further playing on Kemp's "Reign Man" nickname.

The term ties back to 1281, with the translation meaning "divine wind". The typhoon effectively caused the dispersion of the Mongols who threatened Japan, as Sneaker Dave sourced on Twitter. However, following the events of Pearl Harbor, the deliberate act of suicide plane missions; known as "kamikaze" missions is the most known usage for the word.

"By making this change we signal growth and acknowledge the impact words have on the those we serve within our diverse global sneaker community."

Reebok will begin to utilize the Hurrikaze name with their newest release coming in late-March, another play-on-words with the nickname 'April Showers'. Stay with Sole-U for more on that release as images come forth and the release draws nigh.

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